Overnight sucess is not real

  When I started my online business I really used to think I would instantly see the results, but that’s just not true.

  When starting an online buisness its hard to shift your mindset from having worked a set schedule and getting paid consistently to being an entrepreneur and making your own hours and depending upon work ethic and strategy to put a paycheck in your pocket.

I know it may seem like all sunshine and rainbows, but in the beginning it’s tough. Just like at your regular 9-5 jobs, the beginning is the hardest part. Because you are so excited and eager but don’t know where to start or what to do first! A lot of successful people in online business only talk about the happy topics such as they overcame so much to get where they are today. Not HOW they have or are struggling on the path to get where they want to be.

  So I want to share that with you. I want to share my struggles and comment down below if you can relate.

–> Feeling like my story is not interesting or good enough for people to want to follow me

–> Not sure of what to post or how to post properly

–> Feeling like I should just give up because I’m not seeing results


  You know what I didn’t do? Give up. I didn’t allow myself to give in to all this internal noise going on inside my head. Instead I focused on what I wanted to accomplish and laid out a plan for my sucess. That’s right I wrote down on pen and paper exactly how I was going to get there. I watched YouTube videos, read books all to try to get as much information as humanly possible to crush my doubts and fears. Once I started learning and mastering my plan I decided It was then time to execute my plan.

  I had my posts pre-planned, my captions were all written down before I had even posted my picture but I was missing something. I needed to add value to my content. I needed to give my followers a reason to want to follow me. So I began posting my photography, and used that as my value!

  Once you have identified your value, what you can offer to people that is what makes you stand out from the crowd. That is what makes you unique, weather it’s fashion, makeup, fitness or you pictures of your dog. Make whatever passion you have, take that and turn it into your value.

In the end it really has been an amazing journey of self discovery. I learned weaknesses in myself that I never knew before. I learned not only weakness but I learned what my strengths are too! My journey is not over yet, I have just begun!

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